Heart and Hand began as most creative ventures do, with the seeds of ideas sown in the early days of childhood.  My dad, being a master craftsman and contractor, always had scrap wood around and the tools that accompany these stocks. This led to a natural progression of tinkering. This tinkering was put on hold as school and eventually work became the main focus. After years of unfulfilling work, I began to long for a more purpose led life. That's about the time my partner and I left the city for the promise of beauty and solitude that the Blue Ridge Mountains offer. This quest has brought me back to working wood and has developed into a way of living that allows us to live an authentic life.

Each piece of wood used in our shop is from a local, sustainable source and is used in the most efficient manner. The sawdust is always collected and fed to our onsite compost piles, which eventually finds its way into our garden. The pieces that are too small to use in my shop get shared with other local makers; and if they're too small still, they are used as kiln in our wood burning stove to heat our home.  Through these practices, we as stewards of the land, honor our end of the deal.

We blend the rustic feel of the high country with a refined emphasis on contemporary styling and practicality. This balance creates a product that has the beauty and integrity to become a family heirloom.



Modern style with rustic roots